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MHRN Letter to Jolyon Rubinstein

Dear Jolyon Rubinstein

Just got back from the anti-austerity demo. You repeated Brand’s mistake and asked us to love the police. You could at the very least , as an act of solidarity, have asked them to stop killing black people and also to stop beating us up at demos, before declaring our love for them.

At the MHRN we don’t all hate the cops, but some of us think all of them are bastards……….

If you’re going to ape Brand at least read his book – get it from the library before they close it – he has way too much money already – and we can only hope his new £1m swimming pool is actually a mass grave for the Tories……. in the book he spoke to someone who suggested the easist way to reduce inequality would be to end titles and private security.

The cops are now, and have always been, private security for the 1% (steal a little and they’ll throw you in jail, steal a lot and they’ll make you king) so they need to sort that out too before their pensions are trashed along with the rest of ours…….

We look forward to the day when your celeb staus doesn’t get you onto the stage at the PEOPLE’s assembly – at least this time they had real people there – our sisters in Solidarity Paula Peters and Ellen from DPAC.

If we get rid of the Tories and austerity we will still have capitalism exploiting us ………

love and rage

The Mental Health Resistance Network

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