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MHRN Response to British Psychological Society statement on Sanctions

We at Mental Health Resistance Network are delighted that the British Psychological Society has finally issued a statement against DWP sanctions – however sanctions are only one of a raft of coercive measures used by the DWP.

What is the British Psychological Society position on Work Capability Assessments and erspecially psychocompulsion which directly involves BPS members?

The BPS claims that  “86-90% of people with mental health conditions not in employment want to work” (claimed by Secker et al 2001) but that study and others also highlight that a desire to work does not mean ‘able to work’ Nor does it mean that jobs actually exist or that employers will employ those with severe and enduring MH issues.

Perhaps it is time for the BPS to conduct its own inquiry into the role of psychology in supporting the DWP ‘work and health’ programme especially in light of UN report highlighting grave and systematic violation of our rights

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