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Beware private healthcare

Please help to share this, my brother suffers with severe depression and has had an awful experience with the private healthcare company simplyhealth. I have copy and pasted his experience. We are trying to share this to get some sort of recognition!

Hi my name is Oliver, I have not been given a policy number but i am a employee of ☆☆☆☆☆☆ . I was admitted to the Priory Roehampton on sunday for 28 day. I had spoken to a simpyhealth employee who stated that I would be covered for that time period on the bases of depression and this was confirmed by the Priory. I arrived there sunday afternoon and settled in happily but 24 hours later after starting my treatment the Priory administrations team left a messege on my bed to contact them urgently. I was then informed that simplyhealth were only going to cover me as a day patient and would not cover my 28 days stay. Later I spoke to the simplyhealth desk who then informed told that they would not even cover me as a day patient because of******* ******* ******!! I informed him that I was not at the Priory for those issues but for depression which simplyhealth had authorised. I was devastated and had to halt the call. I must state that it has taken since november last year to get help and a clear decision from simplyhealth. You keep shifting the goal posts. i am very distressed and feel let down by simply health as this cover was to help me sort out my depression and suicidal feelings so that i can go back to work. I am still absolutely devastated by the sequence of events and the way your company has behaved.


  1. Antje

    The prospect of Universal Credit forcing me to work for free in places like Poundland and Sports Direct has already led to me having panic attacks in addition to my disability.

    You should have got the email about me wanting to emigrate from the UK as a result of the threat of PIP and Universal Credit: I just happen to use a non-UK top-level-domain because I care about my privacy, and also I want to reduce spam as many people like to do.

    Also, I oppose the Invesitgatory Poers Bill - no welfare and no privacy is a lethal combination, and would also make conspiracy theories run wild like a riot.

  2. rozahmarkham markham

    How can a private health insurance company not honour their promise to cover you for the contract they made with you…..I suffer from mental health issues and sometimes it can be very stressful when unexpected hospital stay comes out of nowhere. ….I cannot imagine what it must have been like for you…can’t you contact the trading standards association. It sounds like these people are tricking people into taking out their insurance and promising all sorts of things. I bet it was written in the small print that they were useless to you. When we’re in a very vulnerable state many take advantage. I hope you have got yourself a solicitor and more importantly a good network of support. ….

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