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Online protest against Mind Charity Monday 31st October 15:30 - 17:00

If you cannot get to the street protest against Mind that is happening in London 31st October between 3:30 pm and 5pm you are welcome to join in online.

The hashtag we are using is #NeverMINDtheBollocks.

Here are some tweets that you can use, and below that are some graphics that you can download and tweet to @MindCharity and their CEO @PaulFarmerMIND.

Online protest vs @MindCharity 31st October 15:30 to 17:00 #NeverMindTheBollocks

With what kind of fucked up thinking ….. #NeverMindTheBollocks

.@MIndCharity… Playing the governments tune, even when the cuts start killing #NeverMindTheBollocks

.@MIndCharity have been silent over claimant deaths and mental distress caused by the DWP #NeverMindTheBollocks

Stop donating to @MindCharity until they stop collaborating with the DWP #NeverMindTheBollocks

30 Pieces of Silver to @MindCharity for selling us out to the DWP #NeverMINDtheBollocks

Warning: Beware of @MindCharity #NeverMINDtheBollocks

Mind are selling us out by collaborating with the DWP #NeverMindTheBollocks

.@PaulFarmerMind of @MindCharity chaired a report saying Employability is a Health Outcome - #NeverMINDtheBollocks

.@PaulFarmerMind of @MindCharity chaired a report supporting the gvts 7 day NHS plans #NeverMINDtheBollocks

.@PaulFarmerMind of @MindCharity chaired a report supporting the use of private providers #NeverMINDtheBollocks

Find out how much campaigning @MindCharity have done on claimants deaths here: << none #NeverMINDtheBollocks

.@PaulFarmerMind & @MindCharity Middle Class Solutions To Working Class Problems #NeverMINDtheBollocks




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