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Roy Bard from Mental Health Resistance outside Caxton House UN-DWP-MEETING 23-02-2024

Roy Bard from Mental Health Resistance visits the DWP on the occasion of the meeting between the department of work and pensions and the United Nations.

The meeting was in about the grave and systematic violations found by the UN in relation to the rights of Disabled People.

How much more Orwellian can we get in this country? On the 23rd February, a meeting was convened by the DWP in order to address the eleven concerns of the United Nations High Commission of the rights of disabled people who found the DWP and the State are guilty of grave and systematic violations of the rights of disabled people in this country. The DWP is pretending to address those international concerns abut how this country is killing people.. Their action is to hold a meeting excluding the grassroots groups that bought the action in the first place including our sister group DPAC and our good selves the MHRN. We are shocked and outraged. We do not recognise anything that comes out of this meeting. We call on the UN when they read the DWP response to be mindful of the fact that systematic and grave violations were continued in the organisation of this meeting, and therefore in the response. The response of the DWP is then ‘Fuck You’ we will continue doing what we have been doing before’ More soon from the MHRN podcast.

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